How Much Does A Facelift Cost?

Facelift procedures remain the gold standard for facial rejuvenation, and for a good reason. The procedure effectively helps reverse visible signs of aging that less invasive procedures simply can’t. Many men and women who undergo the procedure consider it a worthy investment into their future selves.


No two surgeries are performed the same. Dr. Harris creates customized facelift procedures to help you address your individual concerns and meet your end-goals. The price you’ll pay can vary significantly depending on the complexity of your procedure.

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*Individual Results May Vary


How Are Facelift Costs Calculated?

There are three major fees that are associated with surgical costs; surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and operating room fees. The price tag can sway anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 for more complex procedures. Someone who is just starting out performing facelifts may be somewhere on the lower end of the spectrum, while a board-certified surgeon is going to cost you more.


Dr. Harris and Dr. Nease have helped numerous men and women achieve the results they want through a variety of facelift procedures. Both Dr. Harris and Dr. Nease are Triple-Board Certified surgeons who offer impressive, natural-looking results at affordable rates.


Image Surgical Arts provides patients with exceptional patient-centric care in our state-of-the-art accredited surgical facility. Not only will you get better care when you opt for our private surgical suites, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a more cost-effective alternative to hospitals that aren’t traditionally set up for cosmetic procedures.


What Else Goes Into My Facelift Cost?

There are also the pre and post-surgical costs to consider. You’ll want to think about minor costs like medical tests, lab work, prescription medications, and post-surgical garments when calculating the final price of your facelift procedure. At Image Surgical Arts, we include everything in your costs of surgery with the exception of medications (which will often be covered by your insurance depending on your plan).


Additionally, many patients opt to pair their facelift with complementary procedures for enhanced results with a single recovery period. Combining procedures rather than having them individually can save you a good chunk of change down the line. Drs. Harris and Nease will help determine your candidacy for combination procedures at the time of your initial consultation. Often, they will recommend combining your facelift with an upper or lower eyelid lift, laser skin resurfacing, fat transfer to the face, Plate-Rich Plasma (PRP) or other procedures to further enhance your results.


All-Inclusive Pricing in Nashville, TN

Patients can expect upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Once Dr. Harris or Dr. Nease determines what procedure(s) is right for you, he’ll customize a price estimate based on your individual needs. Estimates include all internal fees (surgeon’s fee, facility fees, anesthesia, and routine follow-up visits). Your patient care coordinator will be able to provide in-depth information regarding your upcoming surgery.


Image Surgical Arts offers a variety of short and long-term financing options for patients who aren’t prepared to pay out-of-pocket. Applying is quick, easy, and confidential.


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*Individual Results May Vary


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*Individual results may vary.

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