NeckTiteNeckTite is a minimally-invasive procedure that safely and effectively treats stubborn areas of fat and loose, sagging skin at one time. The procedure utilizes improved technical benefits compared to traditional liposuction. There is no downtime or scarring associated with NeckTite. Dr. Harris has performed numerous NeckTite procedures with consistently successful results.

NeckTite Can:

  • Stimulate your body’s natural healing process
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Treat submental fullness (fat below the chin)
  • Define the facial profile
  • Smooth deep wrinkles
  • Improve self-image and confidence

How Does It Work?

NeckTite procedures are done as an outpatient procedure under light sedation or anesthesia. Dr. Harris uses RFAL™ (radio-frequency assisted lipoplasty) technology to precisely target unwanted pockets of fat below the surface of the skin. The procedure is rapid and jump-starts the body’s natural healing process. Increased collagen production helps tighten skin. Dr. Harris will often perform liposuction in the same procedure for even more powerful results.

Neck Rejuvenation Nashville, TN

When Can I Expect to See Results?*

Some initial results can be seen directly after your treatment and will continue to improve for up to one year. The majority of patients report the best results in about 4-months. Although it’s natural for some laxity to return, NeckTite is considered a long-term procedure. In most cases, patients achieve desired results with only one NeckTite treatment.

Does It Hurt?*

NeckTite is a minimally-invasive procedure that is well-tolerated for most patients. There is minimal downtime associated with the procedure. You are free to go about your normal activities 24 hours following your procedure and once you are off any sedating medications. Common side effects are redness, tenderness, and slight swelling. Any discomfort should subside several days post-treatment and can be easily controlled with pain medication.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Healthy adults who want to reduce bothersome fat below the chin without producing sagging skin may be a good fit for the procedure. At your in-person consultation, Dr. Harris will perform a full facial evaluation to help determine if you are a good fit for NeckTite.

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*Individual results may vary.