RhinoplastyRhinoplasty, sometimes called “nose reshaping” or a “nose job”, is a surgical procedure aimed at altering the appearance of your facial appearance to give you a more balanced look. In most cases, rhinoplasty is done for cosmetic reasons. However, it can also be done to improve the overall function of your nose. The procedure is highly-individualized to each and every patient. Your nasal procedure can be as subtle or dramatic as you’d like.

Rhinoplasty Can:

  • Remove unwanted bumps
  • Reshape the structure of the nose
  • Alter the size of the nose
  • Improve overall breathing function
  • Boost self-image and confidence

How Does It Work?

Your rhinoplasty surgery can be done as an outpatient procedure in Image Surgical Arts’ surgical center in Nashville, TN. Dr. Brady Harris will make small incisions on either the outer or more commonly inside of the nose to reduce visible external scarring. Over the course of the procedure, he’ll carefully sculpt the nasal structure to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Rhinoplasty can be paired alongside other procedures such as a facelift for even more substantial results.


When Can I Expect to See Results?*

Initial results from your rhinoplasty surgery should be evident immediately. However, final results will be seen after swelling and bruising go away. As swelling subsides over the course of several months, continued improvement will occur. Your nose will be more aesthetically pleasing, proportionate to your face, and breathing should become easier. Final results from your nose reshaping procedure can take upwards of a year. The majority of patients only require one rhinoplasty surgery in their lifetime. Occasionally, some patients may require multiple surgeries to achieve their desired outcome.

Does It Hurt?*

Rhinoplasty surgery is done under general anesthesia to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Although nose reshaping recovery is not incredibly painful, it is uncomfortable. Any discomfort following your procedure can be easily managed with prescription medication.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Men and women who are bothered by the size or shape of their nose may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. Patients who are non-smokers, in otherwise good health, and have realistic expectations about what the procedure can do for them are best suited for rhinoplasty.

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*Individual results may vary.