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How To Ensure Breast Augmentations Look Natural

How to ensure breast augmentations look natural

Just because you want bigger breasts doesn’t mean you want them to look fake! You want them to look like you – a natural part of your anatomy, only better (however you define that). Fortunately, today’s surgical techniques and improvements in breast implants themselves make it quite possible to achieve natural-looking results from a breast augmentation procedure.

But those results are not automatic. Several factors affect the results you get, so you will have to make some choices to get the look (and feel) that’s right for you.

Pick The Right Surgeon

We mention this first because choosing your surgeon should not be an after-thought. Whatever other choices you make about your breast augmentation procedure, this is the person you will trust to deliver the natural-looking results you want.

Dr. Brady Harris is triple board-certified, so you can be confident in his knowledge. He is highly experienced in breast augmentation procedures, so you can be confident in his skill. In addition to training and experience, Dr. Harris is intimately familiar with the complexities of breast anatomy. He has expertly and repeatedly performed procedures just like the one you expect to have. Also, our Image Surgical Arts patients really appreciate his approachable demeanor, which means you can feel comfortable discussing your most personal breast-related concerns and desires. All of these factors affect your results.

Dr. Harris goes the extra mile for breast augmentation patients, and we’ll talk more about that in a minute.

Know Your Goal

Every breast augmentation is unique to the woman getting the procedure. Most women want to enlarge their breasts, but what does that mean to you? Do want them to:

  • Be fuller – as in one or more cup sizes larger
  • Have more projection
  • Have a more rounded shape so you have more visible cleavage
  • Look and feel natural

The answers to these questions will help you choose the best type of implant.

Pick the Right Implant

Should you avoid implants altogether and choose fat transfer instead? Some surgeons believe this is a good alternative – after all, what’s more natural than your own fat – but Dr. Harris disagrees. His experience has taught him that the right implant can actually produce more uniform, pleasing results.

But which implant?

There are two types – silicone and saline. Dr. Harris can use either one, but we recommend silicone because it feels more natural and is far less likely to appear “rippled” beneath your skin. Implants have different shapes as well. Breasts are not actually round like a ball, so many women prefer a teardrop-shaped implant. Shape also affects how much your breasts will project.

And then there’s size.

Implants are sized by volume, not cup size, and they come in a wide range. If your goal is to replace a breast lost to mastectomy, you will want to match the remaining breast (unless you want to change it, too, in which case you’ll need two different sizes). If your goal is to achieve better breast symmetry or you’re choosing implants as part of a breast lift, then a smaller implant may be all that’s needed. Even if you desire significantly larger breasts, you still want to look natural, so choosing a somewhat smaller implant could give you unexpectedly better results.

Dr. Harris and his experienced staff will discuss this with you in detail during your personal consultation.

Now, About That “Extra Mile” We Mentioned

Based on your conversations with Dr. Harris and decisions about implants and other details, Dr. Harris will have a very clear mental picture of how your procedure will proceed. But he doesn’t just wing it, he will literally draw on your body exactly where he wants to make changes.

Furthermore, should your augmentation include a breast lift, Dr. Harris will perform something we call the Image Surgical Arts Post-Implant Fit Check. This technique is tremendously valuable to produce the best possible visual results as well as to reduce potential scarring. It’s essentially the same as trying on your wedding dress for a fitting, and the results are just as important. That said, not all cosmetic surgeons take the time to add this extra step.

personal consultation with Dr. Harris is the first step toward achieving natural-looking breasts. Simply fill out a form on this page or call/text us at 615-499-4224.

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