Mommy Makeover in Nashville, TN

Transforming the body through cosmetic surgery requires careful listening, practiced skill, a meticulous commitment to safety.


You’re proud of your children and you love them to pieces. You certainly don’t regret having them. But when you look in the mirror these days, do you feel a tinge of regret for yourself?

What happened to your body? The one you remember from Before Kids – curvaceous in all the right places, smooth and firm. As most women discover, the process of pregnancy and childbearing can have lasting, unwanted effects on your body. And that can take a toll on your appearance, your physical comfort, your self-confidence and emotional well-being.

Mommy Makeover surgery can turn back the clock to rejuvenate your body and your spirit, firming and lifting to restore (or even enhance) those more youthful body contours you remember.

Every woman has a different body and different aesthetic goals. Unlike other cosmetic surgical procedures which are designed to address one specific body area or concern, Mommy Makeover is an à la carte menu of options women can choose to create their own individualized body renewal action plan.

Learning what a Mommy Makeover entails will help you consider all of your options and decide if this procedure is right for you. If it is, you’ll have the information you need to select the procedures you want to include and the surgeon you want to perform the work.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Mommy Makeover is a collection of surgical, and occasionally non-surgical, procedures that work together to restore your pre-pregnancy body, or make it even better! You can take back your body with one combined treatment session and one recovery time. Addressing multiple issues all at once is a major time-saver for busy mothers. Depending on the extent of your surgeries, though, Dr. Harris may split them up into two sessions - which will still save you time.

Can you imagine the improvements you’d like to see in your appearance? “Mom body” symptoms vary from one woman to another and can be affected by age, genetics and other factors beyond pregnancy and childbirth. Typically, though, they include:

  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Pads or rolls of fat that just won’t go away, especially on the abdomen
  • Sagging or deflated-looking breasts
  • Vaginal problems such as uncomfortable intercourse or enlarged, stretched labia
  • Urinary leakage

The degree of body contouring you consider will depend entirely on your personal desires. You can choose to zero in on one or two problem areas (the breasts and belly for most women), or you can think of a Mommy Makeover as your chance to firm up and re-shape more comprehensively. Go, Mom!

Mommy Makeover surgery is designed by each individual woman. You can choose procedures to correct problem areas with a goal of returning to your pre-pregnancy self, but you can also choose to give yourself a little upgrade here or there. Well, why not?

For example, while becoming a mom may not have had a direct effect on your backside, as long as you’re considering rejuvenating your body, a butt lift/augmentation could be just the thing to round out your 360o contours. If you’ve always wanted a fuller, rounder, more lifted bottom, you might consider adding buttock augmentation to your Mommy Makeover.

While you’re slimming and trimming, you may also want to add body contouring to address other common problem areas such as your upper arms or thighs. For most women, however, a Mommy Makeover typically includes any or all of the following procedures.

Tummy Tuck

This is the most common, since this is the part of your body most affected by pregnancy and childbirth. Tummy tuck is a highly personalized surgery meant to eliminate stubborn subsurface fat deposits that refuse to go away despite your efforts to diet and exercise. Tummy tuck also eliminates excess abdominal skin and enables your surgeon to repair and tighten stretched muscles, if needed. The result is a smoother, more pleasingly contoured torso. At Image Surgical Arts, liposuction is an important part of tummy tuck.

Breast Augmentation

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave your breasts looking deflated. Breast augmentation can restore youthful position, fullness and shape, or you can enlarge your breasts a cup size or two. Breast augmentation also balances asymmetrical size or contouring. Implants now come in a range of sizes and shapes, or you may choose fat transfer instead.

Breast Lift

If sagging is your primary concern, a breast lift may be the best solution. This procedure removes excess skin to elevate the breasts so the areolas and nipples face forward rather than downward. Some patients elect to add implants to further enhance their results.

Breast Reduction

For some women, the goal is smaller but nicely shaped and lifted-looking breasts. A breast reduction can balance your body’s overall proportions and alleviate physical discomfort. For a mommy makeover, breast reduction is often combined with a breast lift to produce the most pleasing results.


Liposuction is well-known as a go-to procedure for patients who want to eliminate unwanted areas of stubborn fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. Liposuction can produce trimmer, smoother body contours, but if your goal is to lose weight, liposuction is not for you. Liposuction alone is also not for you if you have noticeably loose or sagging skin because it works only to remove fat.

Still, with that in mind, you may want to include liposuction among the procedures for your Mommy Makeover to address an area you want to re-contour. And if you do have loose skin in that area, Dr. Harris will likely recommend adding minimally-invasive Renuvion skin tightening treatment to ensure the firmest, smoothest result.

Typically, however, women considering a Mommy Makeover have significantly stretched skin as well as pockets of lingering fat. Tummy tuck is the best solution because Dr. Harris can actually remove excess skin as well as fat while repairing underlying muscles as required to create the most comprehensively appealing, shapely results.


This is the procedure for moms who have stretched or enlarged labia due to vaginal birth. Labiaplasty is designed to remove excess tissue and restore lost volume to renew the natural contours and appearance of the labia majora and/or labia minora to improve comfort and sexual satisfaction.

Most surgeons use liposuction to some degree to help smooth contours following a Mommy Makeover. However, at Image Surgical Arts, Dr. Harris takes lipo to a higher level with a “whole-body” approach to contouring that we like to call liposculpting. He knows patients want to look their very best all around, from every angle. To accomplish that he uses a special 360o technique with any abdominal surgery – such as tummy tuck, usually included with a Mommy Makeover – performing liposuction on the hips, flanks, mid- and lower back as well as the tummy area.

At Image Surgical, we use VASER liposuction, a more advanced technology that is gentler on the body but still enables Dr. Harris to create more precisely controlled results.

He performs liposuction as the first step in a Mommy Makeover because this helps loosen the skin and soften fat so the excess is easier to remove. Doing this first helps ensure your final results are as firm and well-defined as possible.

Your mommy makeover will be performed under general anesthesia in Image Surgical Arts’ highly acclaimed and state-of-the-art surgery center. Dr. Brady Harris uses the latest surgical techniques to minimize side effects, downtime, and scarring. During the procedure, unwanted fat and excess skin can be addressed on the breasts, abdomen, flanks, and back. A Mommy Makeover by Dr. Harris is different from most. He spends a significant amount of time sculpting and contouring your body with liposuction prior to even starting the tummy tuck. He takes great pride in the results he is able to obtain with a combination of liposculpting and tummy tuck.

But, there is a lot that happens before you even arrive for your surgey.

Part 1 – Making the Decision

Should you get a Mommy Makeover? Making that decision starts with honestly assessing your situation. Why are you considering this surgery? What do you want to accomplish, aesthetically or emotionally? For many women, it could be that:

  • You want to look in the mirror and see shapely feminine curves and firm skin again, instead of loose skin, sagging breasts and poochy pockets of fat
  • You want to look better and feel more comfortable in your clothes
  • You want to look better and feel more confident without your clothes
  • You want to feel as proud of your body as you are of your family

Or you may have other reasons for considering a Mommy Makeover. Every woman is different, so your desires and preferences are all your own, and only you know what they really are. Will a Mommy Makeover achieve your goal(s)?

Do you just want to lose weight? Mommy Makeover is not a weight loss alternative. It is about turning back the clock with body contouring after you have already done the work to trim down as much as possible with exercise and proper nutrition.

Are you hoping for a perfect body? No surgery can do that for you because a perfect body does not exist. Cosmetic procedures serve to enhance your natural body, based on your unique size and structure. That said, a Mommy Makeover can help you look much like you did prior to having children – or even more enhanced, if that’s your desire. If your expectations are realistic when you make the decision to have this procedure, you are most likely to feel pleased with your results.

This is why it’s so important to review before and after photos of other patients, especially women whose body type is similar to yours. These photos will help you get a realistic idea about your own possible outcome, but they can also help you decide whether or not Mommy Makeover is right for you and, if so, which procedures you want to include.

There are other important factors to consider:

Fat location. There are two types of abdominal fat. Internal, or visceral fat lies underneath your muscles so we cannot do anything to reduce that fat during surgery. We can remove stubborn fat that lies between the muscles and the skin, but if you also have internal fat that will affect your overall appearance.

Availability of aftercare. Mommy Makeover is serious surgery – multiple surgeries, actually – so you will require assistance for a while following your procedure. Emotional support is also important during recovery. Do you have an adult family member or friend who can help you? Are those closest to you supportive of your decision to undergo surgery and understanding of the recovery process?

Your motivation. It is imperative that you choose cosmetic surgery to please yourself, not because someone else wants you to “look better” or because you think you should meet some cultural standard. It is your body, and it should be your decision.

Part 2 – Setting the Date

It takes time to recover from significant surgery, and feeling rushed will work against your body’s need to heal properly and thoroughly. That means you’ll want to consider future plans when scheduling your Mommy Makeover.

Time off. If you work outside your home or out of a home office, you will need to set aside enough time away from those responsibilities as well as regular household duties so that you can recover without distractions. If you have kids living at home, how will your time off affect their care? This is all the more reason to enlist help in the first few weeks following your surgery. Dr. Harris will discuss with you what limitations you should expect and when you might expect to return to work and at-home routines.

Upcoming vacations or special events. Naturally, you will be excited to show off your new body, but you want to be sure you are well-healed to safely take advantage of vacation activities. Wait at least 4-6 weeks for any water-related activities (ocean, lake, pool or spas) to keep your wounds dry for that period. If you’re planning a ski trip, wait at least 6 weeks. Snow sports are physically demanding, and a fall could risk your recovery and results.

Your caregiver’s schedule. Make sure the person who has agreed to be your right hand during recovery will be available when you need them. We recommend that someone stay with you around the clock for at least the first 48-72 hours. This is a crucial period for healing, and the more comfortable and relaxed you are, the more your body can focus on doing its job.

Time in compression garments. No one loves compression garments, and some surgeons may tell you they are optional. At Image Surgical Arts, we believe in doing everything possible to ensure you enjoy the best results from your surgery. Compression garments help reduce swelling and provide valuable support following liposuction, tummy tuck and, in some cases, breast procedures.

Dr. Harris may have you wear them for as long as 3-4 months. As he monitors post-surgical progress, he often allows patients to gradually reduce time in the garments. This is another detail you will discuss with him during your personal consultation.

Part 3 – The Procedure

Details of a Mommy Makeover can vary substantially depending on which procedures you and Dr. Harris have chosen to achieve your desired results. Nonetheless, we can give you a general overview here.

We noted earlier that Dr. Harris always begins most abdominal surgeries with 360o liposuction. Let’s assume he will do that for you since tummy tuck is nearly always part of a Mommy Makeover (and it is the most extensive procedure likely to be included). While most surgeons perform little to no liposuction preceding a tummy tuck, Dr. Harris usually treats at least seven areas including the lower back (sacrum), mid back, back bra roll, waist, hips, mons and upper and lower abdomen.

This all-around liposuction technique distinguishes Image Surgical Arts from other practices. It can distinctly improve your final appearance because you get “total picture” results rather than simply looking better from the front. Swimwear and clothing go all around, and we know you want to show off a great view from the back and sides as well.

No matter which procedures you choose, your surgery will be performed as an outpatient procedure in our own acclaimed, accredited state-of-the-art surgical center. The surgery itself will likely take between 3-4 hours, but of course you will need to allow more time for arrival and preparation as well as recovery before you head home again. No overnight stay needed.

Generally speaking, here’s what you can expect:

  • General anesthesia is administered.
  • You will lie face-down so Dr. Harris can perform liposuction as described above on the back and waist.
  • We will move you onto your back, so Dr. Harris can continue performing liposuction on the abdomen and waistline. As mentioned earlier, we can remove only fat that lies on top of the muscles, directly below the skin.
  • When liposuction is complete. Dr. Harris will begin the specific procedures you have chosen. For tummy tuck, for example, he will make an incision from hip to hip (at or below the bikini line) and tighten abdominal muscles if they were pulled apart during pregnancy. Then he will pull the skin downward (like lowering a window shade), trim away the excess, and suture the incision closed. He will also have made an incision around the belly button so he can reposition it correctly and suture it as well.
  • For breast lift or augmentation, labiaplasty and/or or vaginal rejuvenation, he will follow the steps he explained to you during your consultation. Again, these will differ depending on the details of your surgical plan and desired overall results.
  • Dr. Harris will place one or two drains as needed at incision sites at the time of closing, to remove any build-up of fluid.
  • We will place you in appropriate compression garments, per Dr. Harris, then move you to our recovery room. There you will be monitored by one of our nurses until it is safe for you to go home.

The next day you will return to our office so Dr. Harris can see how you’re doing. He will check your surgical sites, demonstrate how to change your bandages and answer any questions you may have.

Part 4 – Heading Home

From the moment that you arrive home, it is essential that you follow all the instructions given to you by our clinical staff. There is a sound medical reason behind each detail, and we all want your recovery to go as quickly and successfully as possible.

Moms are always doing for others. This is your turn to be pampered, so relax and indulge!

A comfortable place to rest. Rest is fundamental for recovery. At first you may not be able to lie flat on your back, especially if Dr. Harris had to repair stretched abdominal muscles, and you cannot lay on your stomach because this would put pressure on your incisions or breasts. So many of our patients choose a recliner as their official recovery place, though a comfy couch with plenty of pillows or a chair and ottoman could work just as well. The pillows will help keep your head and shoulders elevated.

Comfort zone. No relaxation space is complete without accessories. Before you leave home for your Mommy Makeover, outfit your space with remote controls, books, water, medications – whatever essentials you will want to have right at hand.

Caregiver. Be sure the responsible adult who has agreed to help you for the first 48-72 hours is ready to go on duty. No matter how independent you normally are, you simply will not be able to do things on your own at first. So let someone else be the mom for a few days.

Absorbent padding. Incisions drain fluid at first. That’s a good thing, but there may be quite a bit of fluid, so absorbent padding can help keep your relaxation space dry and clean. Our patients recommend disposable absorbent pads for this (like puppy training pads).

Simple movements. Initially, your job following surgery will be to rest. Still, you need to keep your blood circulating to promote healing, encourage fluid drainage and avoid developing blood clots or pneumonia. That requires oxygen, too. So we will instruct you to walk a short distance every 2-3 hours and also do periodic deep breathing exercises.

Scars are inevitable with a Mommy Makeover because any incision will leave a scar. Extensive procedures such as tummy tuck require longer incisions, whereas liposuction requires only one or two tiny puncture incisions for each treatment area. These are so small they will be virtually invisible once healed.

Surgical skill plays an important role here, however. Dr. Harris takes exceptional care to make the smallest possible incisions and to place them where they will be covered by swimwear or undergarments. He also uses closing techniques that ensure the thinnest possible scar line. If you have stretch marks or had a Cesarean section in the past, Dr. Harris may be able to eliminate those scars when he removes excess skin as part of your tummy tuck.

Scars fade over time, especially during the first year. To aid that natural healing process, our clinical team will give you post-surgery wound care instructions and also help you develop a scar management plan.

Most patients notice substantial results immediately after their Mommy Makeover, despite initial swelling and/or bruising. Gradual improvement will continue to occur over the next 3-4 months as post-surgical swelling subsides. You can expect to feel comfortable in a swimsuit within just a couple of months after your Mommy Makeover. What a great goal to keep in mind to motivate you during your recovery!

Results are long-lasting and typically do not require maintenance treatments, as long as you maintain a stable weight.

Most of the women who come to Image Surgical Arts seeking a Mommy Makeover are in their 30s to 50s. The best candidates are those who have done enough research to understand what is involved and what results they can realistically expect to see once they have healed completely. We want every patient to be thrilled with her new look, not disappointed!

Besides realistic expectations, good candidates for Mommy Makeover are:

  • Eager to restore the appearance of their breasts, abdomen and/or vaginal area negatively affected by pregnancy and childbirth
  • In good overall health
  • Close to their ideal weight, having lost as much visceral fat as possible through diet and exercise. (You will recall we mentioned earlier that we cannot remove this type of fat that lies underneath the muscles using liposuction.)
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight
  • Non-smokers. We cannot emphasize too strongly how important this is. Smoking raises your risk of complications and interferes with healing. At Image Surgical Arts we are so serious about this that Dr. Harris requires patients to be nicotine-free at least 6 weeks prior to surgery and another 6 weeks after. We also reserve the right to test patients for nicotine. Your health and safety are at stake.

If you’re planning (or may consider) another pregnancy in the future, you should hold off on getting a Mommy Makeover. Waiting until you are finished having children eliminates the risk that pregnancy and childbirth will damage or reverse your surgical results. Also, if you have certain serious medical conditions, that could indicate you are not a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover. You will want to discuss these issues with Dr. Harris during your personal consultation.

It makes sense that moms would have specific questions about getting a Mommy Makeover. After all, surgery is a major undertaking and mothers are used to putting others first. You know you deserve to get your “before” body back, but will it be worth it?

Mothers commonly ask:

  • Am I a good candidate?
  • Which procedures could (or should) I consider as part of a Mommy Makeover?
  • Should I do it now, or wait?
  • How will having surgery affect my daily life and responsibilities – especially as a caregiver for my own kids?
  • What if I decide to become pregnant again?
  • Will breast surgery affect my ability to breastfeed?

The information presented in this guide should answer most of your questions. But it may also trigger more questions you want to ask as you consider your options. That’s good, because the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. Write your questions down. You will not remember all of them, but you definitely want to get all the answers. There is no such thing as too “small” a detail or a “dumb” question when it comes to your health and self-image. When you feel well-armed with facts, you will be confident you’re making the right decision.

Every surgical procedure involves risk. Any time an incision is made in the skin, big or small, it presents risk of infection, bleeding and injury to surrounding structures.

More specifically, possible risks include:

Wound Breakdown

Dr. Harris’ skill and technique often allow him to make shorter incisions than some other surgeons might use. This doesn’t hinder his ability to do excellent work, but it does leave less of a scar. However, because this technique pulls the skin tighter, it can occasionally cause the incision to pull apart slightly. This can be corrected with scar revision a few months down the road.

Skin Necrosis

This is the term for the rare risk of a small area of skin that can essentially die. Smoking significantly increases this risk, as does diabetes. Necrosis can leave a wider, more obvious scar.


This is the pooling of blood just beneath the skin. Hematomas are rare, but if one occurs it will need to be surgically drained.


This is a collection of fluid (not blood) beneath the skin. Seromas aren’t dangerous, but they are annoying and can be non-surgically drained.


There are also risks associated with anesthesia, allergic reactions and other factors. Prior to your procedure, our anesthesia team will explain all of these to you so that you can make an informed decision about undergoing surgery.

There is another potential risk that is not medical but emotional: disappointment. Above all else, you want to be happy – more than happy – with your results. This is why it’s so important to come into your Mommy Makeover with realistic expectations about results. Dr. Harris is very serious about delivering great results and he is equally serious about helping you manage your expectations.

This is not a comprehensive list of all possible risks or side effects. The ones we have described here are the most common, and yet even these are rare. Nonetheless, a Mommy Makeover involves major surgery that can include a variety of different procedures. For these reasons, it is extra-important to discuss possible risks or complications in detail during your personal consultation.

Because a Mommy Makeover typically involves multiple procedures, the details of your recovery will depend on which procedures you choose. For discussion here, let’s talk about tummy tuck since that is the most common and most extensive component of a Mommy Makeover.

The recovery process plays a vital role in determining how your final results turn out, so you will want to budget plenty of time for this. If you rush the process or overdo things too soon, it may take longer to heal or you may develop complications. It could even diminish the quality of your appearance. Along with budgeting time, your job will be to follow your doctor’s orders diligently.

Before you leave our surgical center we will give you detailed written at-home care instructions and review them with you so you can ask questions. These instructions will cover everything from wound care and prescription medications to wearing compression garments, when and how much to exercise, and when to return for follow-up visits. Our clinical team is always available to answer any questions that may arise.

You will have some initial swelling and bruising which will gradually subside. Most patients are sore for up to a week, but that can vary from patient to patient. We will prescribe medication you can take if needed to control post-surgical discomfort. The fluid drains at your incision sites will remain in place for about a week, then Dr. Harris will remove them.

You may find yourself easily exhausted for several weeks following your Mommy Makeover – one more reason to make sure you have adequate help with your kids or to handle other at-home responsibilities during this time.

Every surgery we perform at Image Surgical Arts is personally customized for each patient. In the case of Mommy Makeover, individual surgeries vary even more because each patient chooses her own combination of procedures and then Dr. Harris tailors each of them for that patient. Some of these procedures are more complex than others – for example, if Dr. Harris will need to tighten stretched muscles as part of a tummy tuck.

For obvious reasons, then, there is no set fee for a Mommy Makeover. In addition, if Dr. Harris adds Renuvion skin tightening to your surgery, that will affect cost. So while we can say there is no “typical” cost, a Mommy Makeover at Image Surgical Arts can run between $9,000 - $20,000.

We will discuss cost with you during your personal consultation so you have that information to make a final decision about having surgery. We will also give you a complete, detailed estimate. The word complete matters because not every surgical practice handles estimates in the same way. We know you may be comparing prices with another practice, so be sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

An incomplete initial price will seem lower, to be sure, but unexpected additional costs will push your final price higher. Dealing with surprise expenses can also diminish your overall surgical experience.

At Image Surgical Arts, we think you should know exactly what you’re getting, so we provide all-inclusive cost estimates that cover:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Operating room fees
  • Surgical supplies
  • Follow-up visits

If there will be other costs for compression garments, prescription medications, etc. we will let you know about that up front, too.

We know cosmetic surgery is expensive, especially something like Mommy Makeover that usually includes multiple procedures. Medical insurance does not usually pay for cosmetic procedures, but because individual policies and coverage can vary significantly, it’s worth asking your insurance carrier about your own situation. At Image Surgical Arts we do offer financing options our patients usually wish to consider.

You want the best, not just anyone. Undergoing cosmetic surgery means you are literally putting your body – and your future appearance – in someone else’s hands. This is the person who will determine your outcome. It’s a sobering thought, but choosing the right surgeon will give you comfort and confidence to move forward with your surgery.

It takes significant advanced training, skills developed from repeated experience, and a strong sense of artistry to perform exceptional cosmetic surgery. You want a surgeon who has what it takes in all three areas, and that will take some research. It’s not usually common knowledge that almost any licensed physician may perform cosmetic procedures, even if they have no specialized training in that area.

Research the whole practice, not just the surgeon, because the entire team will affect your Mommy Makeover experience. Do you feel welcome and cared for the moment you come through the door? Do you like the staff? Feel comfortable with their professional credentials?

Here are a few things you’ll want to look for in a cosmetic surgeon.

Board certification. This designation is voluntary – something surgeons pursue to demonstrate that they are highly qualified and dedicated to using the most advanced, effective medical knowledge, tools and techniques to help patients achieve their goals. To earn board certification, a surgeon must prove their competence through rigorous written and oral examinations and by completing a certain number of relevant procedures. You will find surgeons who have one, or sometimes two board certifications. At Image Surgical Arts, we are very proud that Dr. Brady Harris is triple board-certified.

Focus. Dr. Harris has devoted his entire career to specializing in cosmetic surgery. He regularly pursues opportunities to learn new techniques from other leading surgeons, and he teaches surgeons from around the country how to improve their own techniques. Dr. Harris is an internationally-recognized expert in advanced liposuction – one reason he incorporates his 360o liposuction technique into Mommy Makeover procedures.

Meticulous attention to detail. Any surgeon who is dedicated enough to earn three board certifications and devote extra time to painstakingly use liposuction for maximum effect clearly takes tremendous pride in their work. That’s Dr. Harris. His primary goal is to always help each patient achieve their goals, as close to their vision as possible.

Willingness to answer your questions. All your questions. A Mommy Makeover can dramatically change your appearance and give your self-esteem a big boost by restoring your pre-pregnancy shapeliness. But there is a lot to consider before you decide to have the surgery. Your personal consultation with Dr. Harris is your chance to ask all the questions you still have so you can make the best-informed decision.

Dr. Harris will consider your concerns and goals from a medical and surgical standpoint and partner with you to devise a surgical plan that matches your desires. Your job? To be entirely honest about your medical history and hoped-for results. That way, Dr. Harris will be fully informed as well, to give you the best possible professional advice.

One great way to start your search for a great cosmetic surgeon is to seek out patient experiences. What are people saying about the surgeon you are considering? Try to find patient reviews from people who had the same procedures you’re considering, as well as more general testimonials about the practice. Have a look at the way our patients talk about Image Surgical Arts.

How will I look? That’s the big question, isn’t it?

You can do a lot of research on your own to learn what Mommy Makeovers are all about and what this procedure might do for you. That’s an excellent way to get the facts. But when it comes to the aesthetic part, the only way to learn more is by reviewing before and after photos of patients who have had this procedure.

Since a Mommy Makeover can address several body areas, try to focus mostly on patients who have had the same procedures you are considering. The more photos you look at, the better, because every woman’s body, pre-surgery condition and desired goals are a bit different. The most helpful pictures will be those of patients who are similar to you in age and body type as well as “before” concerns.

These photos help you in two ways – you can get an idea of which types of improvement are possible, and you can get an idea of how the various procedures work together to produce harmonious overall improvement. Perfection is impossible, so the goal is always to look better (however you define that). Keep that in mind as you review photos –  some of these patients may have desired dramatic change, whereas others may have wanted only subtler improvements.

Looking at all these photos will help you decide if a Mommy Makeover could be right for you and develop realistic expectations. But there is more to see. Your own results will depend on the person performing your surgery – your surgeon’s artistic eye and skill as well as their medical knowledge and surgical experience. So what do their own patients’ before and after pictures look like? Look closely, then ask yourself if you feel comfortable putting your body in this surgeon’s hands.

We invite you to visit the Image Surgical Arts before and after gallery to see photos of Dr. Harris’ Mommy Makeover patients. (You can also check out patients who had specific procedures such as tummy tuck or breast augmentation.)

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The Bottom Line

Our team will guide you through your surgical journey, from first visit to follow-up. Their qualifications and demeanor will determine how well things go for you and how you feel afterward about your overall experience.

At Image Surgical Arts, we believe you deserve the best, never less, and we work hard to deliver just that to every patient.

Our office is pleasant and welcoming and our patients describe us as friendly and caring. We’re here to help you get comfortable with the surgical process, and that means making sure you have all the information you need. We love to answer questions because the best care starts with listening to a patient’s concerns.

Of course, our medical and non-medical team members aren’t only nice, they are all highly trained and experienced. Our Nashville clinic and surgical center are located together in a 6,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. You are always welcome to stop in for a visit as you research various surgeons.

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