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Ugh, fine lines and wrinkles – those early warnings that your skin is going to look older, sooner. As you age, your skin naturally loses moisture and your body produces less collagen and elastin, the building blocks of healthy, elastic skin cells. You can start to see lines even if you’re still young, thanks to the elements: sun exposure, environmental stress, climates changes and blue light from mobile devices and computers. Even the facial expressions you make every day can cause dynamic wrinkles to form.

We’re here to help you take action to turn back the clock - restore a more youthful appearance and maintain it as time goes by. Your face is uniquely your own, so it stands to reason that the best response to your emerging fine lines and wrinkles should be somewhat different from your friend’s. Here at Image Surgical Arts, we offer multiple treatments that form a holistic approach to healthier, smoother, more vibrant looking skin.


Neurotoxin Injections

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin – all derivatives of botulinum toxin – are our first recommended line of defense. These injections work to reduce muscle movement, to help reduce visible expression lines and prevent new or deeper wrinkles from forming. But they do not address skin health, so you need to be more proactive in between injections.


Medical-Grade Skin Care

First, our aesthetician will analyze your skin. Then, she may recommend a skin care regimen of medical-grade retinol, glycolic acid, a vitamin C product or different hydrating creams. These form the base of a pyramid, helping strengthen your skin and encourage more collagen and elastin fibers to form. With a healthy foundation in place, your skin can respond best to professional treatments that aim to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


Individualized Treatments for Specific Concerns

We always recommend starting with a really good facial such as HydraFacial or AquaFirmeXS. Based on your skin analysis, our aesthetician may also recommend additional treatments. For example:

  • Light chemical peels help resurface the skin and stimulate collagen production, both of which reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dermaplaning aids in the penetration and efficacy of chemical peels, microneedling, and other medspa treatments. Dermaplaning exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz), minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

If more aggressive treatment is needed, SkinPen and Rejuvapen microneedling, laser treatments such as light CO2, micro peels or IPL (intense pulsed light) all work to resurface the skin and can even help boost collagen.


Schedule Your Consultation

Treatments can help turn back the clock, but following an ongoing medical-grade skin care regimen will help your skin remain healthy and glowing even as you age.

Our expert medical aestheticians love crafting individualized skincare plans for their clients. What could be better than helping someone put their best face forwards?

Additionally, periodic medical spa treatments will not only refresh your skin, they are always a nice, relaxing treat for you!

So, the key to combating fine lines and wrinkles is a combination of prevention and renewal. We are eager to get you started so schedule your personal consultation today.


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