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Cutera® - truFlex & truSculpt

Rapid Muscle Sculpting

Wishing your muscles looked more defined? An innovative solution from truFlex can help you transform those your dreams into reality. This revolutionary muscle sculpting technology literally works your muscles to improve strength, tone, and firmness, increasing muscle mass by up to 30%.

Treatment is suitable for men and women and is highly personalized to fit your body shape, fitness level, and desired goals.

truFlex is a non-invasive, in-office treatment that is safe, comfortable, and clinically proven to improve skeletal muscle definition by building mass. We can use it to help you build shapelier abs, obliques, buttocks and legs.

Body Sculpting

Many of us would like to improve something about our body contours, even if we’ve done everything we can to exercise and eat a healthy diet.


truSculpt is a non-surgical treatment designed to help you achieve your ideal shape around your abdomen and flanks, whether you want to look trimmer or more sculpted or both.

truSculpt is safe, comfortable and highly effective for a broader range of patients than many other body contouring alternatives. The treatment produces clinically-proven results, permanently eliminating fat in the treated area (as long as you maintain a healthy weight, of course).


How truFlex Works

truFlex replicates the intense muscle workout you’d get from doing crunches, squats and twisting exercises. It uses a unique radiofrequency-based technology that provides multi-directional stimulation to the muscles. There are three different treatment modes which can mimic 5 different types of workouts and can be applied to both small and large muscle groups. That versatility enables Dr. Brady Harris and his team to individually customize the treatment to each patient’s current condition and aesthetic goals.

Treatment is safe and consistent because this technology requires less energy than other types of treatments yet provides highly selective, precise control so it can be tailored as it works. Treatments are comfortable, too, something like an actual workout. At first you can feel a gentle contraction that warms up the muscles, then slowly increasing intensity as the treatment continues.


How truSculpt Works

truSculpt uses advanced Monopolar RF (radiofrequency) technology to selectively target fat, gently and safely heating it to destroy the cells, which are then flushed naturally from the body. A single treatment can eliminate as much as 24% of the fat in the target area. Patients often say it feels like getting a hot stone massage. In other words, your skin will feel very warm but not uncomfortably so.

The treatment is highly customizable, to achieve the results you envision even if you are not a good candidate for other treatments due to your skin type, laxity, depth of fat or location of the treatment area.


How Long Does it Take?

trueflex machine


We can treat up to 8 different body areas simultaneously, which takes about 45 minutes. Like all workouts, truFlex produces gradual improvement. Most patients achieve optimal results after 4 treatment sessions, although individual results vary. Dr. Harris may recommend additional treatments to achieve your particular goals. We recommend spacing treatments over about 12 weeks.

There is no downtime required, although as with any good workout you may feel some muscle soreness and some tingling or tenderness in the treated areas for 24-72 hours. Patients can immediately return to normal daily activities, including exercising.

trusculpt machine


Treatment sessions are fast, but overall time depends on the number and size of target areas. We can treat multiple areas simultaneously. Some areas can take as little as 15 minutes, while it takes between 15-30 minutes to treat both the abdomen and flanks.

There is no downtime required following truSculpt treatment, so you can go right back to your daily routine, including exercising. Your skin may continue to feel warm or look a bit flushed at first, but that should disappear within the hour. In some patients, the skin may remain sensitive to touch for a few days.


Is truFlex or truSculpt Right for You?

Both of these treatments are suitable for most men and women, though people with a higher BMI may not see as effective results as those who only have trouble areas. Also, if you have any history of heart conditions, a pacemaker or metal implants, you will need to get clearance from your doctor before treatment.

truBody Results

truFlex can help patients achieve as much as 30% greater muscle mass within the targeted area. The longevity of results is dependent on a healthy lifestyle to hang onto your new physique. You can also choose to come see us for maintenance treatments.

You will be able to see improvement immediately following your truSculpt treatment, although it can take up to 12 weeks to see final results. Depending on your ultimate body sculpting goals, Dr. Harris may suggest additional treatments, typically 4-6 sessions for optimal results. And, though the results you will see are long-lasting, lifestyle changes that lead to something like weight gain will certainly affect results. Also, as you get older (because we all do!) results may change.



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