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Developing a high-quality, effective, medical-grade skin care regimen is no easy task! It takes much more than grabbing whatever is for sale in the supermarket beauty section (we're all guilty!). Every person has unique skin and the best products for most skin types are specially formulated and can only be obtained through a physician. Don't let this discourage you, though. You deserve the expert advice that we can offer.

Always keep in mind: proper skin care that leaves you looking and feeling refreshed, more youthful, and pretty dang close to wrinkle-free usually goes beyond creams and serums. It's about a proper skin evaluation, intelligent product combinations, targeted care, and yes - the occasional med spa treatment.


What Can Medical Grade Skincare Do?

There’s a reason all those drug store products you’ve been using are not getting the job done. It’s time to gather them up and toss them out.


Medical grade products do cost more, but you won’t be wasting your money. In the time it takes to watch those influencer videos and troll the skin care section at the grocery store, you can be treating your face to a proper maintenance routine instead.

And if you’re concerned about the complexity of a routine, you can ease into it. We can start you out with a simple regimen and then, as your skin gets stronger and healthier, add products that will maintain your skin and also provide further, ongoing improvement. Above all else, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in taking care of your skin.

Multiple skincare lines are available, including AlumierMD, Zein Obagi (ZO), SkinCeuticals, Biopelle, SkinBetter, and Neocutis. They are combinations of prescription creams and serums for home use to help you take control of your skin. When properly followed, the regimens can rejuvenate just about any skin type or tone. The system can be customized to your individual needs to both heal and protect your skin for an aesthetically pleasing facial appearance all year round.

The medical-grade products we offer can treat a host of skin issues, including acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation problems, dry skin, signs of aging, tone and texture issues, active acne, oily skin, and even bags under the eyes.


Personal Skin Evaluation

After a full facial evaluation identifying your short and long-term goals, our skilled aestheticians will suggest a line of products just for you. Some skincare products will help repair damaged skin cells while others strengthen and speed skin cell function. Our aestheticians may recommend an exfoliant to remove the topmost layer of skin to reveal the fresh layers beneath.

The skin care experts at Image Surgical Arts will walk you through your new skin care regimen step-by-step before sending it home with you. Patients who commit to their prescribed treatment are more likely to have a better outcome.


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ZO Skin Health


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