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Sometimes skin imperfections can be vascular in nature, as opposed to issues such as lines and wrinkles, acne scars, or brownish “age” spots. These problems can show up as persistent redness or visible or protruding blood vessels that can make you feel self-conscious. No need for that, though, because at Image Surgical Arts we offer non-surgical treatment options to correct or minimize different types of venous problems.

Spider Veins

Also called broken capillaries, these tiny, web-like streaks or blotches appear red or bluish in color. Spider veins typically appear on the legs or face, especially the nose or cheeks. They can be caused by any number of things from genetics to sun damage and aging.

Varicose Veins

These bulging, bluish veins typically appear on the legs or the backs of your hands. Varicose veins may be bothersome because of their appearance, but they can also feel sore or even painful. If they are extensive or severe, surgery may be the best treatment option.



A skin condition causing redness in the face, usually the cheeks and nose. It is most common among women with light skin, but it can affect anyone. Rosacea can make blood vessels more visible and can cause red bumps. It can be caused by vascular disruptions in the capillaries, sun damage, or a disruption in microbes in epidermis.

Cherry Moles

Also called cherry angiomas, these are very small (pinpoint to quarter-inch) mole-like spots that may be flat or slightly raised. They usually appear on the shoulders, arms, torso or legs and most often affect adults over 30.


Treatment Options

At your consultation, one of our highly skilled medical aestheticians will examine your skin and discuss your treatment goals with you. Together you can make an action plan for improvement with customized treatments.

Light, Lasers, & Energy

Both our YAG laser (which uses a type of garnet crystal) and IPL (intense pulsed light) are helpful to break up blood vessels so that the blood is no longer stagnant and visible. For cherry angiomas, light energy breaks up the pocket of blood that has formed. IPL is great for rosacea because the light helps reduce inflammation as well as redness and it helps capillaries to reform healthier.

Medical Grade Skincare

A regular regimen of high quality skin care benefits patients with rosacea and other types of vascularity. We usually recommend the ZO Skin Health skin normalizing system. Or Skin Better Mysto Active Balance serum helping keep redness and reactivity at bay after laser treatments.

These products also control over production of oil and inflammation in the skin keeping the skin barrier healthy.


Maintenance Plan

For many types of venous problems, treatment should produce permanent or long-lasting results. Rosacea is a chronic condition, so for those patients and all others who want the benefits of proactive prevention, continuing with a medical grade skin care program, daily use of sunscreens and laser treatments, offers the best line of defense. 

Schedule your consultation today and together we can craft a treatment plan that is right for you.

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