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Avéli Cellulite Treatment in Nashville, TN

If you’ve struggled with the annoyance of cellulite, you already know that it is not an accumulation of too much fat that you can exercise or diet away. In fact, slender people can develop cellulite, too. Your amount of body fat can be a contributing factor. Additionally, genetics, your age and the thickness of your skin all play a major role. It is worth noting that if you’re female, you’re much more likely to develop cellulite than if you’re male.

Avéli cellulite treatment in Nashville
Cellulite Care in Nashville

So what is this pesky cellulite? Basically, skin is connected to underlying muscle by fibrous bands. When these connecting bands tighten, they pull the skin down, allowing fat cells to push up in between. The result is the dimpled or wavy surface appearance we call cellulite. The only way to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite is to loosen those connecting bands that cause the problem.

How Does Avéli® Work?

Avéli is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses a device similar to a needle to target and cut each fibrous band, releasing the sub-surface tension that produces cellulite’s puckered appearance. Used to treat cellulite in the buttocks and thighs, Avéli treatment restores visibly smoother skin quickly with long-term results in just one office visit.

To perform the treatment, we first apply a local anesthetic. Then the device is guided precisely to each dimple-causing band to release it. Avéli’s technology allows us to immediately confirm that the bands have been released. This can be a standalone procedure or paired with others like a tummy tuck, mommy makeover, liposuction, or Brazilian butt lift.

Avéli®: Post-Treatment

You can expect to have some initial tenderness, bruising and swelling which usually resolve within 30 days. While you may give yourself as little as one day of downtime, most patients choose to take a few days before returning to their regular routine. You will likely want to avoid putting any weight on the treatment area so consider some time on your feet during the day and on your stomach while sleeping. 

As swelling and bruising fade, you will see noticeably smoother skin in the treated area. Results are long-lasting.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you're ready to find out if Avéli cellulite treatment the right solution to to address your dimpled appearance, there is no time like the present to request your consultation. Sit down with Dr. Harris for an open and honest conversation.

Our professional and friendly staff will welcome you to Image Surgical Arts and do whatever they can to help you feel at ease. Our top priority is patient safety and comfort, so we will be in-step with you through the entire process. We're here as guides while you navigate your aesthetic journey.

Your consultation is confidential, and the place where you will get all the answers you're seeking. Let's get started!


"I had an absolute AMAZING experience with Doctor Harris and his entire staff. They are kind, caring and truly do everything they can to accommodate you and make sure you get the results you want."


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