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8 Misconceptions About Liposuction

After more than two decades, liposuction continues to be one of the most popular body improvement procedures for men and women. Yet, even after all this time, misconceptions about liposuction also endure. At Image Surgical Arts, we want our patients to be fully informed – accurately informed – so let’s replace some of those misconceptions with facts.

Misconception 1: Liposuction is Great for Weight Loss

Sorry, but no. Nice as it might be to skip all that tedious dieting and exercise and just have your fat sucked away instead, that’s not the purpose of liposuction. In fact, it works best for patients who are pretty close to their healthy weight range.

Yes, you may lose a pound or a few thanks to the fat that was removed, but it’s best to think of this procedure as a reward to add the finishing touches, removing those stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise can seem to get rid of.

Dr. Brady Harris explains in this Backstage Pass video.

Misconception 2: It’s No Big Deal, Liposuction Isn’t Really Surgery

While it’s true that Dr. Harris only makes a few very tiny incisions to perform this procedure, traditional liposuction is definitely a surgical procedure. Fortunately, thanks to advanced VASER technology, the procedure is far less harsh than the older traditional technique. It is more comfortable for you, and Dr. Harris can work faster without sacrificing precision.

This leads us to our next point . . .

Misconception 3: Liposuction Requires Zero Downtime

Your body needs time to relax and recover after any type of surgery. Short-changing yourself here can lead to unwanted side effects and even diminish the quality of your results. Besides, who doesn’t deserve a few days off? After all, you’re just following doctor’s orders.

Misconception 4: Results are Immediate

There will be less fat in the treated area, of course. At first, though, you will have some post-procedure swelling, bruising and soreness, which is your body’s perfectly normal response to being “invaded.” As that subsides you will begin to see your newly smoothed and trimmed contouring. Still, depending on the location and extent of your procedure, it may take several weeks or months to see final results.

Will the fat just come back? Will fat just show up somewhere else on your body? No! These are also common misconceptions. Fat cells that are removed are gone for good. But we don’t remove every last bit of fat – that cushioning allows your skin to lie smoothly and firmly over your muscles.

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape, your liposuction results will be permanent. If you don’t you will likely gain weight, just as you would if you never had liposuction.

Misconception 5: Liposuction is Only for Women

Heck, no! Men want to look their best, too. Liposuction is increasingly popular with guys because we can use it on so many areas of the body. But, just to be clear, lipo can’t do anything about your beer belly. That’s caused by visceral fat underneath your muscles, and liposuction only addresses surface fat just below the skin and above the muscles.

On the plus side, men are really enjoying the visual benefits of high-definition liposuction. This specialized technique allows Dr. Harris to precisely contour fat around muscle groups to accentuate shape to the degree you want, including that six-pack and strong-man chest, arms and shoulders you’ve always wanted.

Misconception 6: High-Definition Liposuction is Only for Men

Nope! Looking sleek and well-toned may be your goal, and that’s great. But some women want to show off a little more muscle definition, or look totally buff. And why not? We aren’t surprised that we’re seeing more and more women for high-def liposuction.

Misconception 7: Any Surgeon Can Perform Liposuction

Technically, that’s true. But can and should are very different. Surgical results (and safety) depend on deep knowledge and skill. So choose a surgeon who has both the credentials and extensive experience performing successful liposuction. Our own Dr. Brady Harris is an internationally-recognized expert on liposuction, including the art of high-definition techniques.

Misconception 8: I Can get the Same Results from Non-Surgical Options

Thanks to advances in medical technology, we now have non-invasive methods to reduce fat. However, the results are often unpredictable and, compared to our patients’ desired outcome, often under-whelming. In some patients, cryolipolysis (application of cold to remove fat cells) can actually make the treated areas worse

Skip the Myths and Get More Facts

Liposuction remains highly popular because it can do great things to add finishing touches to your body. Realistic expectations are a must and you can review those with Dr. Harris at your consultation. Everyone is unique and your aesthetic goals may be different from someone else seeking information about liposuction. A discussion with our team will be the best way to create a plan for your liposuction procedure. Book today!

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