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How Can I Pay for My Cosmetic Surgery?

Your journey to enhancing your natural beauty involves more than just having the actual surgical procedure. There are other considerations including what your ultimate goal is, the down time associated with the procedure, where to have your procedure performed and by whom, and of course, the best option to pay for your procedure.

By definition, cosmetic surgery is the surgical enhancement of a normal functioning part of the body. Since the part of the body you would like improved is functioning normally, cosmetic surgery is completely elective. As such, rarely, if ever, will any insurance policies cover your cosmetic surgery procedure. Generally, cosmetic surgery practices will require payment in full prior to the procedure that is performed.

The two biggest portions of the fee charged for your cosmetic surgery are surgeon fees and the cost of the facilities where the procedure will be performed. The items that are included in facility fees vary from practice to practice. Therefore, making it very important that you understand what your total cost will be. Many practices bill you after your surgery for facility fees and anesthesia, for example. At Image Surgical Arts, the price quote you are presented includes surgeon fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, pre-op labs, all pre- and post-op visits and your first post-operative garment. The only thing that is not included are your prescription medications. It’s important to pay close attention to what is included and, more importantly, what is not included. You could be in for a big surprise if you don’t ensure that all the costs are included in your price quote and that you will not be billed for additional amounts after your surgery.

There are several options to pay for your procedure. You may need to finance all of your procedure or only a portion of it. Regardless, our staff can guide you on what your best option is. Let’s explore each of these.

Cash Pay

Image Surgical Arts offers a 5% discount when you pay with cash or check. While some of our patients have saved for years on their dream procedure, others just prefer not having a monthly payment. You don’t have to choose just one form of payment to pay for your procedure! We offer a 5% cash discount on any portion paid in cash! Some patients pay a portion in cash so they will have a lower monthly payment.

Credit Card

Image Surgical Arts accepts all major credit cards. Some patients prefer this method of payment because they love their reward points! There are some really appealing credit card options and some even offer no interest up to 18 months! has a good comparison of credit cards if you are considering this option.

Third-Party Financing

Image Surgical Arts works with multiple third-party financing companies to provide as many options as possible for our patients. Alphaeon and Care Credit work like a credit card. You can apply through our website under Patient Resources. You will just apply for the amount of credit that you need and our office will help you with the promotional plan! Care Credit is the largest financing company in our industry. Image Surgical Arts offers up to one year on their no interest plans and we accept all of their extended monthly plans! Care Credit has a payment calculator so you can see what your monthly payment would be and the total amount it will cost after interest. Alphaeon is very similar to Care Credit. Some patients do not receive the full amount from Care Credit or Alphaeon so they use both! United Medical Credit is another option. It is more of loan payment. You can submit your application online and they will get back to you with different options from participating banks.

Bank or Credit Union

This option may be more time consuming but sometimes it can you save you a lot of money! Most of our third-party lenders are offering unsecured loans. If you can use collateral at your bank then, you should get a lower interest rate which could lower your monthly payment. You will also save 5% if you pay the cash directly to Image!

In-House Financing

Most cosmetic practices require the full payment prior to surgery but, it never hurts to ask the patient coordinator if you need help with financing!

When you decide to schedule your surgery, Image Surgical Arts only requires a 10% non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. Then, the remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your scheduled surgery.

The staff at Image Surgical Arts is dedicated to helping people achieve their aesthetic goals. Our staff will walk you through every step of this process including the financing!  We will do our best to make the financing part of your surgery as stress free as possible! If that means offering you a 5% cash discount or helping you get to a monthly payment that fits your budget!

We also offer financing for our medical spa services! If you have any questions about any of our surgical or medical spa services then we are here to help! Please call or text our office at (615) 499-4224 or email us at

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