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How Much Does Botox® Cost?

Botox® has been a popular anti-aging treatment for both men and women for decades. That’s because looking younger can help you feel younger too. If you’d like to take the next steps towards a well-rested, youthful appearance, yet aren’t quite ready for surgery, Botox® might be the solution you’ve been searching for.
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Look and feel your best with a simple in-office visit. Botox® is an FDA-approved procedure designed to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds. Treatments can safely and effectively be done to correct a wide variety of concerns throughout the face.

The price you’ll pay for Botox® treatments will vary based on your individual needs. In fact, you may find that you’re spending more or less with each session. Key factors that may play a role in the cost of Botox® include;

  • Area being treated
  • Skill of your injector
  • The number of units needed
  • Your gender

At Image Surgical Arts, you can expect to pay an average of $400 for your Botox® treatment. Those seeking to address horizontal forehead lines might be priced somewhere between $250 to $600. And those with stronger facial muscles will require more units thus the price can range from $350-$700 for the same area.

BOTOX Consultations Available

Choosing a skilled injector is vital to achieving optimal results from your Botox® session. Our certified nurse injectors know the precise target areas and depth to minimize side effects and prevent potential complications. Image Surgical Arts provides exceptional patient care while maintaining competitive prices.

Results from Botox® are long-lasting but not lifelong. The majority of patients will see noticeable results within just a few days with continued improvement for 3-4 months. Touch-up treatments can safely be done as needed. In many cases, you will need fewer units of Botox® to meet your goals with follow-up treatments.

During your in-person consultation, you’ll undergo a full facial assessment. After speaking with you about your aesthetic goals, you’ll be given a customized treatment plan and cost estimate. Image Surgical Arts proudly offers upfront pricing with no hidden fees. For your convenience, Botox® consultations and procedures can be scheduled for a same-day appointment.

Take the Next Step

Interested in learning more about Botox®? Call or text us for a consult at (615) 499-4224 to see what Image Surgical Arts can do for you!

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