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How To Stabilize Your Weight

One of the most important factors in determining whether someone is a good candidate for post-massive weight loss surgeries is stabilized weight. When you have lost a good deal of weight – 100+ pounds – fluctuations are normal for a period of time as the body adjusts to its new size. We like to see about six months of a stable weight before beginning the surgical process. This means remaining within 5% of your healthy weight, with a body-mass index of 25 or lower. Maintaining a stable weight is a good health practice for everyone, but is crucial for patients who wish to undergo any cosmetic surgery.

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Why Does Stable Weight Matter?

Stable weight allows your body to heal faster and more effectively following a surgical procedure. Repeat fluctuations can be detrimental to your health, affecting things such as blood pressure, cholesterol and gallbladder function. When your weight acts as a “yo-yo,” it can pose emotional and psychological challenges as well. It’s frustrating! That frustration can de-motivate you to keep up the good work now that you’ve lost weight and are at or near your goal.

And from a purely aesthetic standpoint, significant weight gain or loss after body contouring can diminish, or entirely negate, the results. That’s a big deal because cosmetic improvement is the reason you’ve chosen to undergo these procedures in the first place!

Weight Maintenance Is Not Easy

For many people, it can be more difficult to maintain a stable weight than it was to lose weight in the first place. Thankfully, having lost so much weight, you’re already used to the long haul. You know that these things don’t happen overnight. The reward of stable weight is less visibly obvious than losing weight. You’re not after movement on the scale, you want it to remain pretty much the same. That goal shift can make it less motivating to stick with your healthy lifestyle plan. Don’t give in! The reward is good health and greater energy and, once your body contouring procedure is complete, a visibly renewed you. So worth it!

Keep Doing What You’ve Been Doing

Many techniques that help keep your weight stable are the same that you’ve been doing to lose the weight:

  • Eat more frequent, smaller meals. This keeps your metabolism humming, and smaller portions help eliminate over-eating.
  • Eat breakfast. Some studies have shown that breakfast-eaters tend to have healthier habits in general.
  • Practice portion control. This means knowing how much of a particular meal is the proper amount and then only eating that one portion. You’ve probably mastered this skill already!
  • Keep a supply of healthy snacks at hand – fresh fruit and vegetables, whole wheat crackers, nuts, etc. Having good choices at the ready will reduce the chances of making an impulsive, less than healthy selection.
  • Drink plenty of water. It helps you feel full (especially if you drink a glass before starting a meal), keeps your body hydrated, and it’s a far better choice than sugary or high calorie beverages.
  • Limit carbs in favor of lean protein.
  • Eat lots of veggies. They’re high in fiber and nutrition, low in calories.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Your body needs that renewal time! Seven to nine hours each night helps to regulate hunger-triggering hormones.
  • Do not be overly restrictive – enjoy life!

Be Realistic

You will slip up now and then, everybody does. You are probably already familiar with the ups and downs of the weight loss journey and maintaining a stable weight is no different. Recognize that a bit of weight gain is natural, but don’t let it become your new normal. Along the same line, don’t torture yourself with deprivation. You’ve already learned that if your dietary rules are too strict, you’re more likely to give in and go overboard. So have a treat now and then, just be sure to balance it with healthy choices.

Re-Enlist Your Support System

Most people who have lost considerable weight have had a great support system. They have provided important support and encouragement along the way. Now, it will be important to keep that system in place as you continue to maintain a stable weight. Your continuous achievements may not be visibly apparent at this point, but they are just as important as the ones people noticed by looking at you.


Stress is a major trigger for overeating and it can cause or exacerbate any number of other health problems. Identify some activities that you enjoy that will relieve stress. Meditation, yoga, walks in nature, sports, or social activities are all good examples. Find what works for you.

Exercise is also a great stress reliever and you know how important physical activity is for weight loss. It’s the same for maintaining a healthy weight. Aim for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, including some weight lifting to build or keep strong muscles.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals

Surely you’re anxious to rid your body of any excess skin left from significant weight loss. We can begin that journey with you when you call to schedule your private, personal consultation. We will help you get to the finish line!

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