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How Can I Get a Butt Lift Without Surgery?

Over the past year, one of the fastest growing procedures Image Surgical Arts has been performing is the non-surgical buttock augmentation, also called Sculptra. It is followed in popularity by the[...]

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How to Shape Your Butt: Fat, Fillers, or Implants?

Buttock augmentation has become a highly sought-after procedure for men and women of all ages. While some are unhappy with the natural fullness they were given, others are seeking to correct[...]

By | January 15th, 2020 |

What Exactly Happens During A Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure that significantly enhances that backside with minimal pain, side effects, and downtime. Both men and women can benefit from this unique procedure that[...]

By | November 13th, 2019 |

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A Brazilian Butt Lift

For the right person, a Brazilian butt lift can produce exceptional results both physically and psychologically. The procedure can enhance the size and shape of your backside allowing for a better[...]

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