Alright ladies and gentleman, let’s get real for a minute. Let’s talk about skin care. We know how affordable and convenient so-called “drug-store skin care products” can be. It’s easy to grab a night cream off the shelf when you’re already at the grocery store. However, if you’ve been taking these shortcuts and skimping on your skin care, you may not have noticed any improvements in your skin. It’s even possible that you have experienced negative reactions to the products. We believe that you deserve to look your best all the time, without feeling like you need to cover up with makeup. Investing in a regular skin care regimen, using medical grade skin care products, produces real results that will leave even the hardest skeptics smiling.


When patients come through our door and look around at our staff, they invariably comment on how we all have skin that simply glows. Is it because we have perfect skin? Not at all. Every one of us follows a quality skin care regimen — but each one is different because just like you our skin care needs are different.

Quality Skin Care Takes Time

Who has time for skin care when you’re dealing with work, kids, social obligations, friends and family and so much more? For so many women, personal needs take a back seat to the demands of life. So your skin care “regimen” is haphazard, and you’re probably using the wrong products.

There are a lot of influencers and videos out there on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram promoting skin care “essentials” such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients. These are certainly valuable in maintaining skin health, but the fact is that not all ingredients are the best choice for every person’s skin. Specific formulation matters, too.

This is why it’s so important to follow a medical grade skin care regimen tailored specifically to your needs and your lifestyle.

Professional Skin Care Advice

There’s a reason all those drug store products you’ve been using are not getting the job done. It’s time to gather them up and toss them out. Medical grade products do cost more, but you won’t be wasting your money. In the time it takes to watch those influencer videos and troll the skin care section at the grocery store, you can be treating your face to a proper maintenance routine instead.

And if you’re concerned about the complexity of a routine, you can ease into it. We can start you out with a simple regimen and then, as your skin gets stronger and healthier, add products that will maintain your skin and also provide further, ongoing improvement. Above all else, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in taking care of your skin.

And, by the way, healthy skin gives Botox and fillers the foundation they need to produce best-possible results. That’s because Botox and fillers work beneath the skin. Botox partially restricts the muscles that form dynamic facial wrinkles, so they are less visible and don’t worsen. Fillers re-plump hollows and wrinkles or folds to produce more youthful, rounded contours. Healthy skin boosts results of laser treatments, too.

Skin Treatments Augment a Regular Skin Care Routine

It might be tempting to think you can skip the at-home regimen if you’re coming in regularly for aesthetic treatments like HydraFacials or laser skin treatments or chemical peels, etc. These treatments are all designed to provide certain benefits. But you will only use them periodically, as needed. Following a monthly HydraFacial maintenance program can do a lot to promote healthy, vibrant skin, but it’s still just one day a month. Skin is a living, breathing organ that requires daily attention – starting as early as possible – to retain its youthful smoothness and contours.

Put Your Best Face Forward

No matter how busy you are, nothing is more important than your health, and that includes skin health. Make time now to schedule a personal consultation so you can finally get the right products and a routine that fits your lifestyle. Then make a promise to yourself that you’ll spend a few minutes each morning and evening treating your skin to the care routine it deserves. Once you start seeing the results, you’ll know you’ve made a smart investment and it will be easy to stick with your regimen.

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