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3 Things to Know About Mommy Makeover Recovery

Image of Ginger Lizardo, RN
Ginger Lizardo, RN

Three things to know about mommy makeovers

Pregnancy and childbirth, though joyful, cause a woman’s body to go through many changes. With a series of cosmetic surgery procedures, a mommy makeover helps restore a woman’s body to its pre-baby figure, and sometimes even better. 

Mommy makeovers are often a long-anticipated event for mothers. Many women are so busy caring for others and keeping up with job demands it can be difficult to set aside the time to do research.

But we have you covered. Let’s just take it one step at a time. Here are three things you should know about mommy makeovers to help you prepare for post-surgery.

1. If Possible, Take Advantage of the Multi-Surgery Approach

While some women elect to space out their surgical procedures for many good reasons, getting several at once allows you to make the most of your time off during the period of recovery. While it can seem daunting to recover from several procedures at once, most women report tolerable discomfort when managed with medication prescribed by Dr. Harris. And because most of these surgeries require the patient to go under general anesthesia, you’ll only have to go under anesthesia once to achieve your desired results.


2. Get a Helping Hand…or Two

Depending on the scope of treatment, you will likely need someone who can drive you home, get you settled, and maybe lend a hand with food preparation or other chores around the house. If you have young children, you’ll want to arrange childcare coverage during that first few days or a week of recovery. Many women time their mommy makeovers during a time when help is easier to come by.

3. Be Patient With Your Recovery

The combination of several body contouring procedures typically requires several weeks of recovery time, including regular check-ins with Dr. Harris, who will want to make sure your recovery is on schedule and going well.

The initial swelling from your surgeries will usually resolve in 4-6 weeks post-op. It takes a few more months for scarring to be less noticeable. Dr. Harris and the team at Image Surgical Arts have multiple options to help decrease scarring. As for when you can show off your pre-baby figure, most patients can expect to show-off their new bodies within 2-3 months of surgery.

If you are interested in finding out more about what a mommy makeover can do for you, as well as financing options, call or text our office at (615) 499-4224 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Harris.

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