High Definition Liposuction Versus Standard Liposuction

When people hear the word liposuction, many different pictures pop into their head.  Often, what people think of are celebrities whose liposuction may not have been the best.  Liposuction, at its core, is the merging of art and science.  But the art and science of standard Suction Assisted Liposuction (SAL) is significantly different than that of High Definition Liposuction (HDL).

High Definition Lipo Results Nashville

SAL is what people typically think of with liposuction.  Often, this is done with patients awake with just some local tumescent anesthesia.  More often, the results are underwhelming.  It is does not take a significant amount of training or skill to perform SAL in this manner.  In fact, the majority of surgeons who perform liposuction do it like this.  The goal is “debulking”, which is simply volume reduction.  When done in this manner, however, it is exceedingly difficult to provide the results that patients expect and deserve if their goal etched musculature.

High Definition Liposuction is a style of liposuction that many patients don’t know about.  Most have never heard about it because so few surgeons perform this procedure.  Even fewer have the knowledge, skill, or stamina to perform it well.  HDL adds sculpting and etching to volume reduction.  Using VASER technology, HDL allows the surgeon to create a chiseled look that often is impossible to achieve with diet and exercise.

So why don’t more surgeons perform HDL?  There are several answers to that question.  1) Technology.  The technology required to provide the best results are not cheap.  Most practices do make such a significant investment in their patients. 2) Understanding.  The first rule to liposuction is to “do no harm”.  The second rule is to never make a “dent” in a patient.  A “dent” is when liposuction is performed too close to the skin and an indentation is left from not having any fat directly under the skin.  The vast majority of those who perform liposuction can never get past the fact that indentations are good when created appropriately.  Appropriate indentations follow anatomical lines to provide true sculpting and etching of your body.  3) Stamina.  HDL is a labor of love.  It is physically and mentally exhausting.  To those of us who love to do it, it is worth every drop of sweat and every ounce of energy spent to see the results we are able to create.

High Definition Liposuction is above and beyond anything that SAL can achieve on its own.  It is intense, it is exhausting, and it is worth it.  Dr. Brady Harris is proud to be the only surgeon in Nashville and middle Tennessee that performs true High Definition Liposuction.  Let Image Surgical Arts show you what you can become.

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