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Mini Tummy Tuck And Less Invasive Options

Did you know that you may be able to achieve a tighter, smoother tummy without surgery? Many patients come to us assuming their only option to get rid of a belly pooch is a surgical mini tummy tuck of the lower abdomen or liposuction. However, at Image Surgical Arts we want our patients to have options so we offer different choices from non-invasive to minimally-invasive to maximally-invasive to address each person’s concerns and aesthetic goals.
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When it comes to restoring a smoother tummy, we offer both surgical and non-surgical options, both of which can produce excellent results. There are three factors that affect which choice will be best for you:

  1. The amount of skin laxity below the belly button
  2. The quality of the skin
  3. Your own personal preference

So the decision depends on your body and your preferences, but also your future goals or plans. If your skin is thin, stretched, or there is significant laxity, this indicates a surgical mini tummy tuck would be the best option to achieve desired results. However, if you plan to become pregnant in the future, you should wait to have surgery because pregnancy and childbirth could negate the results.

Tummy Tightening Alternatives


Renuvion skin tightening technology has revolutionized the level of results we are able to achieve without surgery for patients who have mild to moderate skin laxity. We can use it almost anywhere on the body, but we’re finding it particularly valuable as an alternative to mini tummy tuck. This minimally-invasive treatment uses a unique combination of radiofrequency energy and helium gas to contract the skin. It can be precisely controlled to produce individually tailored results with minimal risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

We are proud to say that Image Surgical Arts is one of the first practices in the Nashville area to bring this outstanding new treatment to our patients.

Renuvion skin tightening can be performed under local anesthesia, although Dr. Harris also recommends light sedation to ensure maximum relaxation and comfort. He will make only a couple of tiny (quarter-inch) incisions to insert the pencil-like device beneath the skin, so there is minimal scarring. Because Renuvion is designed to tighten and resurface skin, Dr. Harris may also recommend VASER liposuction to remove excess fat and produce smooth, sculpted contouring. Downtime is just a few days.

Watch this short video about your options for a tummy tuck or skin tightening.


truSculpt®iD is a non-invasive alternative that can produce significant slimming and/or sculpting of the abdomen and flanks. The treatment is safe and proven effective for many patients whose skin type, degree of laxity or depth of fat make them unsuitable for other treatments. One session can eliminate up to 24% of fat in the targeted area, although Dr. Harris may recommend multiple treatment sessions (most likely 4-6) to achieve best possible results, depending on your body and goals.

truSculpt®iD uses advanced Monopolar RF (radiofrequency) technology to selectively target fat, gently and safely heating it to destroy the cells, which are then flushed naturally from the body. It usually takes just 15-30 minutes to treat both the abdomen and flanks. The treatment itself is not at all painful (most patients say it’s just very warm, rather like getting a hot stone massage). And there is no downtime required.

You can see improvement right away, although it takes up to 12 weeks to see final results. Your new contours will be permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and stable weight.

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is designed to eliminate excess fat and skin below the waist. If you have stretch marks, they can be removed along with the excess skin. The procedure requires a horizontal incision which runs just about from hip to hip. There will be a scar, but Dr. Harris places the incision lower than most surgeons to ensure it will not be visible under a bikini bottom. Scars never disappear entirely, but they do fade over time.

Dr. Harris often uses VASER liposuction during a mini tummy tuck, to create the most pleasing, feminine contouring. In some cases, he may also use Renuvion skin tightening above the belly button to provide the smoothest overall appearance.

While a mini tummy tuck addresses a smaller area than a full tummy tuck, it is still major surgery. You will need to budget several weeks for recovery and, at least for the first few days, you will need someone to assist you with everyday tasks.

Explore Your Options with Dr. Harris

Renuvion skin tightening can be a game-changer. Now that you know you may be able to achieve a tighter tummy without surgery, it’s time to talk with Dr. Harris about your specific concerns and goals.
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