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Our Favorite Fall Treatments

Summer always ends too soon. You get into a nice, warm weather routine and the next thing you know, fall is in the air. Maybe you’re already looking forward to cooler temps and, especially, the holiday season. Just in time for seasonal changes, fall revitalization treatments are beautifully timed to bring out the best in your face and body.

Autumn woman portrait smiling outdoors at the parkHere are some of our most popular fall treatments.

Elluminate 3-in-1 Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are famously effective for treating multiple types of skin imperfections. Elluminate has become a favorite with our patients because most people have more than one skin problem and Elluminate can address multiple issues at the same time. Instead of the usual single laser wavelength, this device allows us to use two or three as needed, to treat surface and deeper dermal layers.

By tailoring Elluminate treatment for each patient, we can treat:

  • Redness and rosacea
  • Spider veins
  • Dark spots and similar pigmentation issues associated with aging and sun damage
  • Texture issues from wrinkles to acne scars

Although some patients see great results after just one treatment, most often it takes three treatments to see optimal results.

Secret Pro

You may not be familiar with Cutera’s Secret Pro (yet), because it is a newer treatment, but we’re loving the results we can achieve for patients with this treatment. Secret Pro combines radiofrequency microneedling with a fractional CO2 laser to treat all skin layers at the same time.

The treatment stimulates production of new cells and blood flow in the deeper dermis as well as at the surface, effectively improving sun damage, visible signs of aging (wrinkles and spots), scars and stretch marks

Just one 20-minute session (depending on treatment area size) can produce smoother, stronger skin that continues to improve over time. We also offer Secret Pro Ultralight, a CO2 laser micropeel that gently resurfaces the skin.

Intense Pulsed Light

IPL is a popular, proven, non-invasive therapy that effectively treats sun damage and pigmentation issues (both dark spots and redness) as well as spider veins. At Image Surgical Arts, we use advanced technology from Cartessa to improve your complexion anywhere on your body, from face and neck to your legs. Depending on the area(s) being treated, it can take as little as 30 minutes.

IPL works by stimulating natural cell turnover that produces healthier skin with more uniform tone and texture. It is very gentle, so it works gradually, typically requiring several sessions depending on your skin and goal. We schedule treatments 4-6 weeks apart to give your skin a chance to rest in between.

Chemical Peel

If you’ve been outdoors a lot this summer, maybe what your skin needs is a little replenishment. Chemical peels are just the thing, tailored to your ultimate goal.

At Image Surgical Arts we offer a gentle “lunch time” peel that takes just 30 minutes and leaves your skin looking refreshed and dewy.

For more significant improvement, we have a few options. Take our ZO 3-step peel. This treatment smooths away rough texture and fine lines and minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, melasma, sun damage and acne scarring for a more uniform, vibrant appearance. This peel takes about an hour and does require a bit of downtime.

And, by the way, fall is also an ideal time to get started on any treatment that requires multiple sessions to achieve final results. We noted above that patients often see best results with more than one Elluminate or IPL treatment, but if you’ve been considering laser hair removal, for example, you can start now and be smoothly hair-free in time for spring.

As the weather cools, you’ll be wearing clothing with more coverage, but you still want to look your best from head to toe. Fall treatments await. And we’re here to help you pick exactly the right one. Why not schedule a consultation today! Complete the form at the top of this page and we will reach out to you today.

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