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Why Do Cosmetic Surgery Prices Vary and How Can I Accurately Compare Them?

One of the more common questions our Financing and Patient Care Coordinators receive are about variations in pricing from different practices. After all, financing can feel like the biggest roadblock for patients.

Stevie O'Neal

09/04/2021 | 7 MIN READ

5 Things to Consider Before Your Consultation With Dr. Harris

Cosmetic surgery can do wonders to repair, rejuvenate or enhance your body – and, with that, your self-confidence. But it can be a big decision, depending on what sort of procedure you’re considering. What’s best for.

Ginger Lizardo, RN

10/09/2020 | 4 MIN READ

Financing Your Cosmetic Procedure

How Can I Pay for My Cosmetic Surgery? Your journey to enhancing your natural beauty involves more than just having the actual surgical procedure. There are other considerations including what your ultimate goal is, the.

Ginger Lizardo, RN

05/05/2020 | 3 MIN READ

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