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Tummy Tuck Myths: Why Belts, Creams, Etc. Just Don’t Work

Tummy Tuck Alternatives Why belts, creams, etc. just dont work

You love your kids, and you’re proud to be a mom. Man or woman, you’re proud of all the work you did to lose weight, and you love the new you that has emerged. But life achievements like these can leave you with a bulging tummy or abdomen and loose, sagging skin.

tummy tuck can restore your body and your self-confidence, giving you slimmer, firmer, smoother contours. But surgery is a big decision. It seems easier and more convenient to check out all those alternatives you see advertised.

You’ve seen them, in store and on the internet:

  • Creams that claim to tighten your skin
  • “Tummy tuck” belts that claim to burn away unwanted fat
  • Compression garments that promise to hold in or reposition problematic bulges or “sweat away” fat

These Things Don’t Work!

You know the old adage: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just smear on some cream and make problems disappear? Or strap on a belt while you go about your daily activities and let it magically melt away excess fat? Too good to be true indeed. These claims are false, so purchasing the products is a waste of money and hope.

Ladies used to wear corsets to modify their shape, holding in the tummy and pushing up the breasts, then girdles were invented to squeeze body parts into a more svelte appearance. You can still buy “shaping” and “slenderizing” garments designed to help men and women re-contour their midsection. These things do work, but they are purely temporary. They help you look better in clothing, but they don’t fix anything.

Fact: There Is No Easy “Cure”

What is true is that exercise and healthy eating are good for you. At Image Surgical Arts, we highly recommend these to all our patients as a matter of course because good health is fundamental to achieving your best appearance. But no amount of dieting and exercise can fully erase poochy bulges left behind by pregnancy and childbirth or significant weight loss. Nor can diet and exercise tighten your skin.

We all wish we could find an easy and fast fix, but the truth is that sometimes the issue requires professional intervention.

Worried about cost? Watch our video on how to compare estimates.

The Solution Is Not Simple Because the Problem Is Complex

Pregnancy and childbirth are hard on a woman’s body, stretching skin and underlying muscles to accommodate your rapidly-growing baby. Especially if you’ve had more than one child, the resulting damage is often more than your body can repair on its own.

The same is true for significant weight loss. The underlying fat may be gone, but now there is excess skin. It can be uncomfortable as well as unsightly, and it can even create skin problems by encouraging bacterial growth within the folds. And whether you lose weight on your own or undergo bariatric surgery, you can still have pockets of unwanted fat.

A Tummy Tuck offers a comprehensive solution, one that is individually tailored to each patient. During the procedure, Dr. Brady Harris can remove excess fat, remove excess skin, and surgically repair underlying muscles or tissues if needed. As a triple board certified cosmetic surgeon, he has the extensive medical training and skill that comes from experience to help you achieve the best possible results. Permanent results, when paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle, from a procedure that is both safe and effective.

And, ladies, one further note: “alternatives” can’t do anything to firm your breasts or your backside, either. But a Mommy Makeover can, and Tummy Tuck can be one part of that.

Get the Facts

Forget alternatives that don’t work. Give us a call at 615-499-4224 or fill out this form to schedule a private virtual or in-person consultation with Dr. Brady Harris, and learn how a Tummy Tuck can help you get your body back for real.

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