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Why More Women Are Getting High Definition Liposuction

As a woman, you work hard exercising at the gym and outside, or playing sports because you want to stay healthy and look your best. Sometimes, though, no matter what you do or how hard you work out, exercise does not produce your desired results. You want to look not only trim, but toned. Well-toned!

That’s where high definition liposuction comes in.

While traditional liposuction can help smooth and accentuate your curves, high definition lipo goes further to accentuate the contours of underlying muscles. Men are increasingly taking advantage of this specialized technique for removing fat and re-contouring the body, to achieve a six-pack abdomen or well-defined arms and shoulders.

Women Want those Results, Too

It’s not only your face that matters, right? You want to look great everywhere – therefore all that exercise. But not only isn’t exercise enough for some women, for others life just seems to get in the way. You’re busy with work, or the kids, so there’s never enough time for you. Especially if you’ve had more than one child, your abdomen and other parts of your body just don’t recover the way you’d wished.

High definition liposuction can help you get your body back, or get a more-sculpted body than you ever dreamed possible. A surgeon who is highly skilled in this technique can create the look you want, where you want – just enough additional sculpting to show more visible definition, or deeper and very precise sculpting to give you a truly “ripped” (yet womanly) look.

Dr. Brady Harris is a recognized leader in this field, sought after to lecture and teach other cosmetic surgeons. That’s so important, because when it comes to high-def liposuction, you want every little detail to show. That means your surgeon has to do his/her best get every little detail right!

High Definition Liposuction Is Versatile

Dr. Harris can use this technique to improve the appearance of almost any part of the body from your neck to your legs. That said, women most often ask us about the getting procedure to amplify the shape of their:

  •         Abdomen (in women, we call it a “four-pack”)
  •         Arms
  •         Back and flanks

As a liposuction expert, Dr. Harris knows he can often achieve the most pleasing results for patients by re-contouring nearby areas as well as the “target” area. For example, removing or reshaping fat in the flanks or upper thighs can add significantly to the overall appearance to re-contouring of the abdomen. After all, your body is a total package when it comes to shape, and achieving balanced proportions makes all the difference.

And, Ladies, There’s Another Potential Benefit

Dr. Harris can use the fat removed during high-def liposuction to add volume somewhere else on your body – the buttocks or breasts, for example. This is a very popular option with women considering a Mommy Makeover, since pregnancies often leave behind somewhat deflated breasts. (Or maybe you just want a larger cup size.)

Ready to Reveal the Real You?

Why wait any longer to look your best – as you want to see yourself! A personal consultation with Dr. Harris is the first step toward achieving a well-defined body. Simply fill out a form on this page or call/text us at 615-499-4224.

By choosing Dr. Harris and our Image Surgical Arts team, you can be confident you’re getting the best – a surgeon with deep skills and successful experience.

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