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Are Breast Implants Worth It?

Some women still think “huge boobs” when they think of breast implants, but that’s not at all the case. Every woman has her own desired ideal size and shape, and there are implants designed to achieve any of those goals — and produce the feel you want, too. Implants can help you look and feel better about yourself, and that makes them so worth it!

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Implants Can Correct and Enhance

Breast implants are as popular as ever for breast augmentation. You can go up one or more cup sizes for more overall fullness, increase projection, and increase cleavage. However, Dr. Brady Harris often recommends implants to enhance overall results of a breast lift. A breast lift addresses sagging, a problem often caused by pregnancy and breast feeding – and a key reason most women choose breast enhancement as part of their Mommy Makeover.

Implants don’t have to be identical, so they can address common issues such as asymmetrical breast size or shape or nipple position.

Implants Are Safe, with Few Complications

Today’s breast implants are far less prone to problems than past generations. And breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries have low risk of complications or side effects. That said, choosing a highly skilled and experienced surgeon and a state-of-the-art, accredited surgical facility ensures the safest procedure and results right from the start.

Implants Can Boost Wardrobe Fit and Comfort

If your breasts are out of proportion to your hips, it can be tough to find tops and blouses that fit well. Very small or saggy breasts can make it harder to find bras and swimwear that look attractive and wear comfortably. Implants can give your body the visual boost you desire, with clothes or without.

Implants Are Cost-Effective

Deciding if getting implants is “worth it” balances your current status against your potential new look, but also against the cost of surgery. Since modern implants typically last 10-15 years, you can easily do the math. Of course, improved self-image and confidence are priceless. But if you ask around, you’ll find that most women DO consider this procedure to be worthwhile. According to, 97% of those who submitted reviews deemed implants to be “worth it.”

Implants Are Even More Worth-It at Image Surgical Arts

That’s because our Dr. Harris takes the time to perform an extra step with breast lifts specifically. We call it the Image Surgical Arts Post-Implant Fit Check. In effect, he does a temporary close so he can ensure the finished results are just right. This technique not only produces the best possible appearance, it reduces potential scarring.

The bottom line is that today’s breast implants look and feel like the real deal. See for yourself, by checking out our Image Surgical Arts before and after gallery photos. Then schedule your personal consultation where you can ask all the burning questions you probably still have!

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