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Breast Augmentation Journey At Image Surgical Arts

Curious about the process of getting breast implants from start to finish? Morgan Watkins, one of Dr. Brady Harris’s recent breast augmentation patients, graciously documented her journey at Image Surgical Arts to provide prospective patients a behind-the-scenes look. Watch her video to follow her journey and see her body’s transformation before and after surgery.

First Steps: Consultation and Implant Selection

The Image Surgical Arts team warmly greets Morgan upon her arrival and then introduces her to her implant options. Morgan takes this opportunity to feel and try on the implants to see what size feels right. She chooses silicone implants that are modestly sized at 300cc.

Dr. Harris then has a conversation with Morgan so that he can evaluate her candidacy and learn more about her specific cosmetic goals. This is also where he builds a rapport with her, answering all of her questions so that she can feel more confident in deciding to have cosmetic surgery. After Dr. Harris devises a unique surgical plan for Morgan, she receives a quote for surgery, as well as information about her financing options.

Morgan’s Surgery

On the day of her surgery, Morgan says that her nerves have largely subsided and that her overriding emotion is excitement. Her surgery is performed in the same office where she had her consultation in a luxurious, state-of-the-art operation suite.

Morgan receives general anesthesia to keep her comfortable and calm throughout the surgery. As chosen by Morgan during her consultation, Dr. Harris uses an inframammary fold technique, which places the incision along the lower breast crease where scarring is easily concealed. He places the implants beneath the pectoral muscles.

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure, so Morgan returns home the same day to recover in the comfort of her own home.

What Morgan Watkins Has to Say About Her Experience

During her follow-up appointments in the days and weeks after her surgery, Morgan says she is thrilled with her results. She enjoys that her breasts look proportional to her figure. The subpectoral placement complements her lifestyle and creates a natural breast appearance and movement.

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In a five-star review, Morgan wrote:

“Dr. Brady Harris at Image Surgical Arts not only transformed my appearance through breast augmentation but also recognizes the importance of a woman’s confidence! The journey was more than a procedure; it was a commitment to trustworthy, affordable, and exceptional care, leading to a positive transformation that goes beyond aesthetics. I recommend Image Surgical Arts for someone seeking a confidence boost with authenticity and empathy.”

Interested in Transforming Your Own Breast Profile?

If you are looking for a positive breast augmentation experience like Morgan’s, look no further than Image Surgical Arts in Nashville, TN and Murray, KY. Dr. Harris is a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has a long track record of achieving beautiful, natural augmentations. To start your own journey, please call 615-499-4224 for a free consultation today.

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