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Will My Tummy Tuck Results Look Natural?

If you have tried to achieve a firm abdomen with diet and exercise but have found yourself coming up short, you may be considering tummy tuck. Loose skin around your midsection may make your stomach appear wider than it is, and unfortunately no number of healthy lifestyle choices can make skin that has lost elasticity shrink. Tummy tuck is an effective way to remove this excess skin to recontour your abdomen. In this blog, triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Brady Harris explains just how natural his patients can expect their results to look.


One of the biggest concerns you may have about a tummy tuck is the incision and scars resulting from the surgery. Dr. Harris makes a horizontal incision below the stomach to remove excess skin and create a taut, firm tummy. Even with a delicate technique, a tummy tuck scar is inevitable. Patients are relieved to learn that Dr. Harris places the scar low enough to be covered by clothing or swimwear, resulting in no obvious signs of surgery.


Another crucial consideration for achieving a natural-looking figure is harmonizing your overall body proportions with your surgeon. Rather than solely focusing on removing the maximum amount of skin and fat, it’s essential to ensure that your abdomen’s contour complements the rest of your physique. Dr. Harris approaches this with great care, avoiding over-tightening the skin around the ribs to prevent an unnaturally thin appearance. During your consultation, Dr. Harris will attentively discuss your specific preferences and goals, ensuring that your desired body shape aligns with your overall well-being and satisfaction.


A final consideration is the appearance of your belly button post-surgery. As your abdominal skin is tightened during the procedure, your navel hole may disappear, leaving behind the belly button stalk. To ensure a natural look, Dr. Harris meticulously crafts a new navel opening that harmonizes with the size and shape of your rejuvenated abdomen. Unlike some surgeons, Dr. Harris pays close attention to this detail, prioritizing a seamless outcome. When considering surgeons, reviewing before-and-after photos can offer reassurance of the quality of their work.

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