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How To Get A Facelift Without Surgery

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Hmmm. You’re noticing more lines on your face, and even some deeper wrinkles. Your face is looking more “relaxed” than you’d like, too. It’s starting to sag here and there where you used to have smooth and well-defined contours. You’d like to believe that these changes give your face “character,” but really, you’d like them to go away. Does this mean you need a facelift? What if you don’t want surgery?

No problem! You have options – lots of options – to help you restore and retain a vibrant, lifted and all-around more youthful appearance, whether you’re seeing mild, moderate or more obvious issues. No surgery required.

Your Face Is Like No Other

The first step toward knowing which non-surgical option will be best to achieve your desired goals is a personal consultation. That way, Dr. Brady Harris can perform a full facial assessment. This is crucial because every individual presents a unique combination of age, gender, facial structure, skin type, and specific concerns about skin condition.

Just how serious are your fine lines and wrinkles? Just how much lift do you need, and where? Once he knows more about you and your face, Dr. Harris will recommend a treatment plan tailored just for you. His recommendation might include any of the following procedures and treatments we offer – or, quite possibly, a customized combination of treatments:

    • Non-Surgical Facelift with NovaThreads. This is an innovative, impressively effective alternative to facelift that uses injectable surgical suture threads to provide lifting support from within the skin and trigger renewed production of collagen to improve skin firmness. NovaThreads can help smooth wrinkles and folds, restore volume, and tighten skin.


    • Liposuction, perhaps with Fat Transfer. Dr. Harris can gently remove unwanted fat accumulations using this time-honored technique. Fat that is removed can be used to restore lost volume in other areas, if needed.
    • Laser & Radio-frequency Based Treatments. At Image Surgical Arts, we use the most advanced laser-based skin rejuvenation tools, including Erbium Laser treatment, and we also offer Vivace RF Microneedling. These procedures enable Dr. Harris to resurface facial skin and revitalize deeper layers for a look that is smoother with more even tone and texture.
    • Subnovii Plasma Pen. This intriguing, pen-like device uses a completely different scientific technique to resurface skin. It can be used to treat fine or deep wrinkles and other imperfections, even on the most delicate skin around the mouth and eyes.
    • Med Spa Services. These treatments can help slow further damage and signs of aging by keeping facial skin surface and sub-surface layers in tip-top condition. Good examples include HydraFacial®, IPL, and EVO Lite. As Dr. Harris always says, a good medical grade skin care routine is the base of the pyramid on which all other treatments are built upon. Our aestheticians can get you started on a plan to get your skin to its peak potential.
    • Injectables. Botulinum toxin-based injections and dermal fillers are effective used alone, but they are typically used in conjunction with other procedures, to enhance results and maintain those results longer. We offer Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and a wide variety of specialized fillers to reduce wrinkles and replace lost volume.

No surgery? No problem!

All of these procedures or treatments are performed in our state-of-the-art office located in Nashville, TN. Most of these treatments are available at our Murray, KY clinic as well. They are much faster than surgery, require little to no downtime, and leave minimal to no scarring – yet they produce impressive and in many cases very long-lasting results. These treatments are also repeatable, so at some point in the future when signs of aging begin to reappear, Dr. Harris can repeat the procedure or recommend another option more appropriate to your goals at that time.

We think you will be most pleased with your refreshed, more vibrant appearance. If you have questions about non-surgical facial aesthetic options, call or text 615-499-4224 today to see how our experts at Image Surgical Arts can help you reach your goals! You can also download our free PDF to learn more about non-surgical wrinkle treatments.

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