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Top 10 Questions to Ask at Your Consultation: Mommy Makeover

Myth busted: you don’t have to be a mom to have a Mommy Makeover. Lots of women have more than one area of their body they’d like to improve or rejuvenate. So, while every cosmetic surgery is custom-tailored for each.

Ginger Lizardo, RN

09/03/2023 | 4 MIN READ

Signs You May Need a Tummy Tuck

A nicely-contoured torso can boost your appearance and self-confidence whether you’re fully dressed or not so much. That’s why it’s so frustrating when you have areas of abdominal fat or loose, sagging skin that linger.

Ginger Lizardo, RN

07/09/2022 | 3 MIN READ

Mini Tummy Tuck and Less Invasive Options

Did you know that you may be able to achieve a tighter, smoother tummy without surgery? Many patients come to us assuming their only option to get rid of a belly pooch is a surgical mini tummy tuck of the lower abdomen.

Ginger Lizardo, RN

26/05/2022 | 3 MIN READ

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost?

A firm, flat stomach is the hallmark sign of youth and vitality. While many men and women strive to achieve a toned tummy through diet and exercise, it’s often not enough. Stubborn fat and loose, sagging skin can keep.

Stevie O'Neal

21/07/2021 | 4 MIN READ

What To Expect From Tummy Tuck Scars [Infographic]

While post-surgical scarring from this procedure is inevitable, Dr. Harris uses a technique that will generally leave a shorter scar than with more traditional, or “old school” methods. He will place the incision low.

Ginger Lizardo, RN

29/04/2021 | 2 MIN READ

Tummy Tuck - The Before and After Experience (With Photos)

Will it be worth it? That’s the question every patient asks, especially when they’re considering a significant surgical procedure like the tummy tuck. This surgery can produce dramatic improvement in patients with.

Ginger Lizardo, RN

18/02/2021 | 4 MIN READ

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